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Farm animals

Meet our farm animals – Children’s farm in South Tyrol

Meet our farm animals

The farm Unterplunerhof is certainly one of the most popular children’s farms in South Tyrol. Kids are generally delighted by the close contact with our farm animals. Both, in the stables and on the pastures, ever-new experiences and impressions are waiting. The farm Unterplunerhof pays great attention to an ideal keeping of the animals, in order to make their lives on the farm as pleasant as possible. Cows, calves and horses here may trot on lush green pastures and along babbling brooks and enjoy the sunshine. Happy chickens stalk across the yard and pick their food out of the grass; and the farm cats often leave their cosy corners, to have a snack or to be petted.

Learn & discover ant the kids‘ farm

Learn & discover ant the kids‘ farm

At the South Tyrolean children’s farm, the kids will quickly learn to handle the animals, and lose their fear of the unknown. Supporting the curiosity and interest of children is a very important issue at the farm Unterplunerhof, and the farmer family is always happy to answer any questions revolving around their work on the farm. The many stories that the host family has to tell about farm life will fascinate not only the children.